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Study Qur'anic Words in Qur'anic Context: Qur'an Concordance via Roots, Patterns, Letters

The Qur'an defends itself. Qur'anic Context is the best way to test the interpreted meanings of Qur'anic Words. How to use Qur'anic Context?

1. Qur'an Concordance based on Roots The steps involved in this type of Qur'an Concordance are:
Identify and write the roots for Qur'anic Words.Arrange same root words together.Split the different words from the same root.Identify the singulars for broken plurals and write the roots. (Singular for sound plurals and dual are almost always understood)Identify and list Aayaat for each root, sorted further under different words from the same root with the particular word highlighted in different color in each Ayah. The Aayaat containing the plurals of a word are then to be listed after listing all the Aayaat with their singular.Though Roots cannot be assigned for most of the particles, particles concordance should also be part of this type of concordance. For particles, arrangement and listing of Aayaat can be done based …